BigSoots Hosting Review

BigScoots Hosting Review – Features, Pricing & Performance

In today’s hectic digital world, having a trustworthy web hosting service is critical for any company or individual trying to develop a strong online presence.

But when you think about web hosting services, the names that come to your mind are GoDaddy, SiteGround, Amazon web services, and Cloudways. There is a fair chance that you have not even heard of BigScoots.

The Chicago-based company BigScoots has been in the web hosting business since 2010. It has developed a reputation as a trustworthy and client-focused hosting company over time. The company takes great satisfaction in providing high-performance hosting solutions that are suited to the requirements of both individuals and large corporations.

In this BigScoots review, we will explore all the features, performance, pricing, and more for your benefit. So stick around till the end.

BigSoots Hosting Review

BigScoots Hosting Quick Overview

Affordable PackagesLimited storage in shared plans 
Free Migration and Lightning fast page load speed 
Live Chat response with skilled Reps
Good for Business owners and bloggers 

Why Should You Switch to BigScoots?

Some of the reasons why one should switch to BigScoots are –

Amazing Hosting Plans 

The hosting plans in BigScoots come in 3 different packages and service levels with another plan for Big Businesses.

BigScoots Hosting

1. Starter Plan – Starter plan of BigScoots is tailored for individuals and small businesses. It offers up to 250k visits with 10GB of storage space. Priced at $34.95 per month ($377 per year), this plan provides a free SSL certificate and free email. It helps in establishing an online presence with reliable hosting resources. BigScoots is also offering flat 90% off to new users through their affiliates who sign up using these bigscoots promo codes.

2. Professional Plan – Professional plan is designed in a way to cater to the needs of growing websites with higher traffic. It gives 750k visits along with 30 GB storage which is actually good and can host up to 10 websites. This package, starting at $98.95 per month ($1069 per year), offers greater scalability and resources to support rapidly growing web-based businesses.

3. Business Plan – With this package, you can host up to 20 websites and handle up to 1.5 million monthly visitors. Prices for this package start at $248.95 monthly. This Business plan is appropriate for use by enterprises or websites of a bigger scale that demand even greater levels of performance and resources.

4. Enterprise Plan – This plan is only for very big businesses, and it doesn’t say how much it costs. You’d have to get in touch with BigScoots to get a price. This plan comes with unlimited installs and can easily handle millions of monthly visits.

BigScoots vs Asura Hosting – In-depth Comparison

Responsive Customer Support 

Customer help is available 24/7 in BigScoots which makes it even more unique. You can easily check out the Chat Live option on their official site and I bet you won’t be disappointed.

Personally, I tried it a couple of times and I got helpful information within 15 minutes. Additionally, BigScoots also provides a ticket/email support setup which is very useful. BigScoots make tracking open tickets easy as you can clearly see them at the top of your dashboard. You even get a mail popup when they resolve your ticket.


Upon logging in, the BigScoots dashboard promptly delivers the most up-to-date news. The dashboard only shows data from earlier network restoration.

Their user interface is built on the popular cPanel, making it simple to manage your account. Their website’s knowledge base contains a wealth of material that can be used to obtain assistance. The interface is simple and user-friendly, making it quick and simple to discover the information or guidelines you require.

Money Back Guarantee

BigScoots Money Back Guarantee

BigScoots understand the value of trust and thus they provide a 45 days money-back guarantee to their users. This feature allows users to explore this web hosting service firsthand and evaluate its performance. This policy shows that the guys behind BigScoots have full confidence and faith in their services. It also shows commitment to their customers providing a risk-free opportunity to everyone.

Panel Features 

The BigScoots CPanel features Softaculous making the installation of web apps a breeze. It even gives you email updates of new versions launched, which will help you stay updated.

BigScoots also provides on-the-fly PHP versions switching between 5.2 and 5.6, in addition to the most recent PHP 7.4.

You can easily see details like load average and CPU cores of the server your account is hosted on when you log in to your CPanel.

Reliability and Trustworthiness 

Customers have always praised BigScoots Hosting for its dependability. I can vouch for it as I rely on their websites to be accessible and functional at all times.

Having a significantly dependable web hosting service can make a significant difference. It gives me immense time to focus on my core activities and not worry about the technical glitches of hosting. It gives me confidence that my site will keep on running and be accessible to the audience.

Clients of BigScoots Hosting sing their praises for its lightning-fast page loads, constant server availability, and kind, helpful staff, as evidenced by the screenshot below.

Low Latency 

You will be delighted to know that BigScoots’ central location is in Chicago which is like the heart of the United States. Which is why it provides a convenient position for web hosting services.

You can check the latency of BigScoots and you’ll be amazed by the fast response and low latency it provides.

The smooth operation of websites and the uninterrupted use of online services depend critically on quick response times. BigScoots’ dedication to producing minimal latency is indicative of their commitment to providing first-rate hosting services.

Connected to Cloudflare 

BigScoots makes it easy to link your site to Cloudflare, which can significantly boost your site’s speed and performance.

All you have to do is set up your Cloudflare account and give access to BisScoots. Your site will load faster for users all over the world in a matter of milliseconds.

The partnership between BigScoots and Cloudflare makes it possible to improve the performance of a website and guarantees that users will have a pleasant experience surfing your site.

Final Words

Overall, BigScoots is a great option if you are looking for a good web hosting service. Their customer service is responsive and friendly, and the resource limits they provide are really generous in relation to the amount that is being charged.






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