BigScoots vs Asura Hosting

BigScoots vs Asura Hosting – In-depth Comparison

For a company to become a top choice for customers, it needs to have some standout features that customers are tempted to go for. In this article, we are going to tell you about two such companies that are the standout ones in the world of web hosting. In this BigScoots vs Asura Hosting comparison, you will get to know the pricing and other details of these two web hosting providers.

BigScoots and Asura Hosting both offer several types of web hosting services. Asura Hosting wants to keep things simple and cheap whereas BigScoots makes sure that everything is in perfection. The latter requires extra costs hence BigScoots is not the cheapest web hosting out there. But you should be assured of the performance and other perks of BigScoots.

BigScoots vs Asura Hosting

BigScoots offers Managed web hosting for WordPress, VPS, and Dedicated servers. This makes them a better option for those who want assistance during their online journey. The customer support of BigScoots is top-rated even to this day.

Asura Hosting, however, looks to cut down the costs as much as possible. They also have a “1 Dollar Hosting”. This is why Asura Hosting is a great option for those looking to get a cheaper web hosting.

Get ready to know more facts about the BigScoots vs Asura Hosting comparison.

BigScoots VS Asura Hosting: Key Comparison Facts

BigScoots and Asura Hosting have plenty of things in common. However, there are some key differences between the two companies. The purpose of this article is to give you an idea of how different and similar these two are.

The following is a list of BigScoots vs Asura Hosting key comparison points:

  • Asura Hosting is on the cheaper side of web hosting companies while BigScoots stands out among the better-performing companies.
  • The cheapest BigScoots web hosting can be bought for $6.95 per month. While you can purchase a 1 Dollar web hosting from Asura Hosting.
  • Both companies claim to have great customer support. The average response time from Asura Hosting is 27 minutes. In contrast, a human support person from BigScoots will be available to assist you 24/7.
  • With BigScoots, you get free SSL, free site migration, and free daily backups. Asura Hosting gives you a free domain, free SSLs, and DDoS protection as well.
  • VPS Hosting of Asura Hosting costs $7.99 but it is raw and unmanaged. The lavish and Managed VPS Hosting of BigScoots has a monthly price of $50.
  • Asura Hosting and BigScoots both bill your hosting plans yearly. However, you have to pay a slightly higher amount if you opt to go for a monthly billing cycle.

An Overview Of BigScoots

BigScoots is a company that prides itself on how it manages things and how good it is at assisting its customers. This is confirmed by the tons of positive reviews about its customer support online. BigScoots offers several web hosting services that include shared hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and WordPress Hosting. The last 3 are all Managed Web hosting options.

BigScoots Hosting

The great performance and better management rises the prices a bit, but it is still a fair price regarding the industry standards. The starting price of their Shared Hosting is only $50 a month. The Managed VPS Hosting costs $50 a month. While the Managed Dedicated plan will cost you approximately $220 every month.

BigScoots’ key features include the highly responsive customer support that it provides, free SSLs, and free Migration services.

An Overview Of Asura Hosting

Asura Hosting is mainly seen as a broader web hosting company that uses the least resources required to cut down costs and make its plans more and more affordable. They offer different types of web hosting services that mainly include shared web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, and WordPress hosting. They also provide services for streaming purposes.

Asura Hosting

Asura Hosting is not a company that looks down on its customers/ In fact, they have an excellent response time of only 27 minutes. The website uptime is great and confirmed to be more than 99% and change.

Asura Hosting has had 20,000+ customers in the 9 years of its existence. That makes them even more experienced. The cheapest hosting from them is only $1 a month. You can get their VPS hosting for $7.99 a month. While the Reseller hosting plans of Asura Hosting will cost you $3.29 every month.

The features of Asura Hosting are on par with BigScoots but none of the two competitors stands out better than the other. This means the BigScoots vs Asura Hosting battle for features is a tie.

BigScoots VS Asura Hosting: Final Words

BigScoots and Asura Hosting are two renowned players in the web hosting industry. Despite providing the same types of services, they have a lot of differences. We talked about the key points in this BigScoots vs Asura Hosting comparison article.

The summary is that anyone looking for better performance and more assistance should go with BigScoots. While a person having an interest in cheaper hosting should purchase Asura Hosting.






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